• Cooking Made Easy

    Evenly coat steak, veggies, or fish with a quick spray to prevent sticking and save on oil costs.

  • Save Money

    Our bottle provides precise spraying for optimal oil application, granting control over usage, promoting kitchen efficiency, and healthier meals.

  • Cook Smart, Live Green

    Switch to our eco-friendly oil spray bottle for greener cooking. Control oil, cut waste, and simplify your kitchen—all in one.

  • "This helps with saving money with every meal. This has saved so much on expensive olive oil and calories too. The mist is ultra fine just how I wanted and there's a tab on top so that you can pour if you want. Just a wonderful device."

    -Momo W, Florida USA

  • "Living a healthier life now. I was spending so much money on those spray cans of oil. Not to mention all the chemicals in those are apparently terrible for you. But this has changed my life!"
    - Lynda L, New York USA

  • "Great Product! I have these by my stove for easy access while cooking. I use one for olive oil and one for canola oil. I most often use the spray function to use less oil in my cooking, but the pour feature is great too for when you have to measure for a recipe. This is the best tool for kitchen I have used in a long time!!!!!"

    -Saha L, New York USA